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Before today, my husband had never changed a diaper. In fact, he had never been alone with a baby…ever. So, we sought to remedy this life experience oversight by offering to babysit our friends’ three month old baby boy. The child was only in our care for a couple of hours while the parents went to a networking event, but at least my husband can now say he has changed a diaper.

This is not our friends' baby, but isn't this sweet?

We figured we should both get some practice in with babies (seeing as how we are trying to have one and all). Even though I grew up around lots of babies and did my share of babysitting in high school, I haven’t taken care of one in a long time and it felt good to get “back in the saddle.” Holding the little guy in my arms made our TTC efforts feel real, and it was really cute to see my husband cooing over him.

My husband did have a few surprise observations. First, he couldn’t believe how much poo was in the baby’s diaper when we first changed him. I won’t go into the details, but it was filled to the brim. My husband was so astounded, it was quite comical.

After feeding, changing, and playing with the baby, I set him down in his crib for a nap but he was not too happy about it. The little guy cried for a solid 15 minutes until I put him in his swing and he went right to sleep. Still, my husband was concerned the whole time and kept asking me, “are you sure he should be crying like that? Is something wrong? Is he hurt?” When I told him that a baby crying for 15 minutes wasn’t that unusual, he gave me another funny look. Wait until you are up all night with one, I wanted to add, but thought better of it.

Finally, after we fed the baby again, changed him, and put him back in his swing (where he promptly went back to sleep) my husband observed, “hey, this is pretty easy! I can totally do this.” And I have to say, I kind of felt the same way. I know a few hours with a baby is nothing like actually having a baby, but it is nice to know that neither of us was turned off by the experience. Maybe we need to babysit for our other friends who have 1 and 3 year old boys…or maybe not. I don’t want my husband to change his mind!

P.S. Here are some mental notes I took while at our friends’ house:

1) They make a baby wipes warmer! You just put the wipes in this electric box that heats them so they are nice and warm. That is so cool.

2) The swing worked wonders. I turned it up all the way and was a little worried it would be too much for him but he loved it.

3) Our friends keep a small portable changing pad around so you can change the baby on the go wherever you are. I’m sure this is nothing new but, hey, I haven’t been around a baby since 1999!

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