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Wow. I am stunned. We have a BFP, confirmed by 4 (4!) HPTs. OK, so this is how it started out this morning:

My period was due to arrive today and I fully expected it because I’ve been having light cramps for the past couple days. However, as I was reaching for my hairbrush, I noticed a lone test kit sitting in the basket. I thought I had used up all my tests (OPKs and HPTs) so I decided, “what the hey? Let’s see what happens.” Three minutes later, a very faint line popped up. I was floored. Problem was, the test I took was essentially unmarked, so I couldn’t tell if it was an OPK or a HPT!

Is it a HPT or OPK???

I showed it to my husband who confirmed that, indeed, there was a faint line. But then I told him I didn’t know what kind of test I took. He looked at me dubiously and then hopped online to see if he could figure out from the lot number what type of test it was. Surprisingly (or maybe not so), a lot of people have had the same issue. In the end, the online consensus was that SHL051/2 P/N600103 was a HPT, but on my way to work I went to the drugstore anyway and bought a box of First Response and Clearblue Easy Digital.

At work, I did 2 First Response tests and 1 Clearblue. Both the First Response tests showed a faint positive line. The Clearblue said, “NOT PREGNANT” but I broke the test open (beause I am manic) and saw that the test strip showed a very very faint line. YAY!

I called my husband and he was super excited (and a bit shocked.) Then, I called my doctor’s office and they booked me an appointment for 4 weeks from now which surprised me. I was hoping they would say, “come in for a blood test immediately!” but, alas, it was not to be.

I am still dazed and can’t believe it has happened! We are going to have a baby!

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  1. Hey – I found one of those tests in my cabinet and have been trying to figure out which it is! I just took it and have a very light line in the test window – but I can’t find the instructions anywhere! Is it supposed to be a plus sign or just a line??

    Thanks and Congrats!!