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My husband and I have been in a daze for the last few days. We are so excited and want to share our news with the whole world but we know that probably isn’t the smartest decision. We are only 4 weeks and 5 days into this pregnancy thing and lots could go wrong and we wouldn’t want to have to tell a million people if it does. We decided to wait until we see the doctor at 8 weeks to tell our friends and family and wait the full 12 weeks to tell my work.

But we were dying to tell somebody so we allowed ourselves to tell 1 friend each. Then we expanded it to 2 friends each. Then, because we can’t expect our friends to keep secrets from their spouses, it ballooned to 4 friends each. So, 8 of our friends now know we are having a baby but we are hoping they can keep it secret (because we obviously can’t.) I will say that it was great to be able to share our news and we can’t wait to tell all of our friends.

We spent the weekend with one of my best friends and her husband but we didn’t tell them and I feel guilty. The reason I didn’t tell her is because she is part of a wider circle of friends I am very close to so if I told her, I would feel obligated to tell the others and then the whole point of waiting to tell people would be moot. The two friends I chose to tell are not necessarily a part of this circle so I feel like the secret is safe with them. Still, I was bursting to say something but I held myself in check.

We did decide to tell our parents and that was fun. We told them in person and it was great to see their reactions. When we were at my parent’s house, my mom offered us coffee and I said, “I’ll take a little but I have to be careful,” and she immediately jumped in with, “you’re pregnant!” Apparently, she had suspected something was up. Both she and my dad were very happy. When we went to break the news to my husband’s parents, he set up a webcam on his computer and told them he was taping them for a survey (ha) and then just came right out with, “we’re pregnant.” His mom screamed and they both gave me hugs. It was great to catch the moment on camera.

I honestly don’t know how we would have been able to wait 8 weeks without telling anyone. I think we both feel relieved that at least some people know and we have others to talk to besides ourselves about the baby. Our friends in the know have already given us books to read and lots of advice. I’ve read many opinions on pregnancy forums about who to tell, when to tell, etc. but I think, in the end, you just have to do what feels right for your situation and not stress over it too much (easier said than done!)

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