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My Favorite Pregnancy App

Since I am addicted to my iPhone, it stands to reason that the first thing I did when we started TTC was to research fertility and pregnancy apps. I’ve already said how I used the PinkPad app to track my fertility and ask questions on the online forum. PinkPad is made by Alt12 and they also make BabyBump for when you get pregnant. The cool think about PinkPad and BabyBump is that they share forums so when you graduate from TTC to PG, you can stay in touch with your online friends. 

BabyBump has daily information (like tips and advice), weekly information (like how big your nugget is), a kick counter, a baby name search tool (I love this feature), contractions timer, journal, and lots of forums. The interface is nice and you can customize it as well. The reviews were high with this app and I haven’t been disappointed at all. But, if you don’t want to commit to the full price ($3.99) you can try the free version to see if you like it first. The free version is missing the baby name search tool, kick counter, contractions timer and birth planner but you’ll get the gist and at least you will have access to the forums which are a great resource.

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