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Keeping Our Sanity During Baby's First Year

Week 5: Johnny Appleseed

Our nugget is the size of an appleseed!

I am 5 weeks along and in the span of 1 week, our baby has progressed from a poppyseed to an appleseed. That is simply amazing to me. In technical terms, our baby is approximately .13 inches. It is not a fetus yet, I think it is still considered an embryo. From what I’ve read, facial features will begin to form next week.

The symptoms I am experiencing this week are mild cramping, fatigue and sore breasts. I haven’t had a hint of nausea and I am crossing my fingers that I will get lucky and skip the dreaded morning sickness. But I also read that sometimes nausea doesn’t kick in until the 6th week so I won’t be in the clear for another week or so.

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