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A Line is a Line

I know when we were TTC, I wanted to know how soon I would see a line, what a faint line looks like, etc. So, here are pictures of my tests. Sorry for the fuzzy bad images, my iPhone isn’t great with capturing details, but hopefully you’ll get the point. Although my tests were negative until I was 13 DPO, there are some women on my forum who got their BFPs as early as 8 DPO and many by 11 DPO. But, there are also several women who didn’t get their BFPs until weeks after their period was due. As always, everyone is unique!

After 3 days of testing morning and night, I finally took a couple days off but then couldn’t resist testing 18 DPO.

It is so nice to see the progression, isn’t it (even if the pictures are fuzzy bad)?!

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