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Keeping Our Sanity During Baby's First Year

Week 7: Blueberry Muffin!

I used to love my Strawberry Shortcake dolls, especially Blueberry Muffin and Cheesecake!

This week our little nugget is a blueberry! Yay! He/she/it is .51 inches and weighs less than .04 ounces. The nugget’s brain is becoming more complex and is developing cavities and passages for circulating spinal fluid. The lenses of the eyes and middle part of the ears are forming and tiny arms, legs, hands and feet are just beginning to bud.

I am still in California and have had several dinners where I had to “fake drink.” Some may wonder why even bother. Why not just say “no thank you” to the drinks? My first reason is that I just don’t want to deal with the questions. Because I was with a group of drinkers and I usually have a couple glasses myself, I didn’t want to have to answer, “why aren’t you drinking?” and the inevitable, “are you pregnant?” Seems like I got the PG question all the time even when I wasn’t just because my husband and I have been married for 2 years and so it is “that time.”

To avoid the questions and excuses, I went ahead and ordered a drink and my husband covertly drank it when no one was watching. Seemed to work pretty good and no one really said anything. I took a few sips for show, too.

I went on the forums and asked if anyone else had any creative ideas. The two best I saw were that you couldn’t drink because you are on antibiotics and that you are just getting over a migraine and drinking is one of the triggers. I also have personally used the lent excuse, but, of course, it only works this time of year.

Looking forward to the day when I won’t have to have any excuses. Only a few more weeks now…

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