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My, What A Strong Heart You Have!

Yesterday we went to the doctor for our first appointment and it was an amazing experience.

When my husband and I arrived, I gave a urine sample and was then immediately ushered into the ultrasound room. The technician used the internal ultrasound wand which doesn’t hurt but is slightly uncomfortable. She had to search around a bit and we were on pins and needles while we waited. Finally she said “there he is!” and zoomed right in on our nugget. It looked like a sea money or shrimp with his/her little heart beating away a mile a minute.

Next, the tech turned on the sound and we heard the heartbeat! It was thudding rapidly, at 160 beats/minute. My husband and I were so relieved and excited all at once. We could have stayed in that room listening to the heartbeat for hours.

Following the ultrasound, a nurse took my blood pressure and checked my iron levels. Then we sat down with our doctor and she went over all the standard information, most of which I had already researched online. She said I can do anything to my body I wanted (whiten teeth, dye hair, do nails, spray bug stray) and I only have to avoid alcohol, unpasteurized cheeses, unheated luncheon/deli meat, and certain types of fish. I can also have 2 small cups of coffee per day.

She also said that, according to the ultrasound, we aren’t as far along as we thought, and pushed the due date back by 3 days. So, now we are due November 13. I was a little bummed – I was really looking forward to hitting the 8 week mark on Thursday, but I suppose 3 days isn’t so bad. I apparently have a small ovarian cyst on my right ovary (which I suspected because I’ve been having twinges on my right side) but it should go away once my hormones level out.

Our doctor gave us a huge bag of information which included a list of safe over the counter drugs and information on the early risk assessment testing for Down syndrom and other birth defects. The bag also contained free samples of prenatal vitamins, free magazines and a travel case for baby bottles.

She told me that I will have an appointment once a month until month 7. Then I will go every 2 weeks. In the last month I will go every week. She suggested I write down my questions for each appointment or call the on-call nurse in between appointments if something seems critical.

After our conversation, a nurse drew my blood and then we were done. We left a little dazed but excited. We broke down and told our siblings and close friends. We couldn’t help it! I went ahead and changed my Facebook profile so no one can post on my wall. I hope that will help contain the secret from work, etc. for at least a few more weeks!

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