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Symptom Roundup

I’ve been slacking on the blog but my excuse is that I am sooooo tired! It is but one of my pregnancy symptoms. At 7w6d, here is the rundown of what I’m experiencing:

1) Fatigue (especially in the afternoons and evenings)

2) Cramps (mild, like in the final days of my period)

3) Slight back pain

4) Sore breasts (I can barely hug my husband!)

5) Dizziness (this is a recent occurrence)

6) Nausea (this is also a recent phenomena and is also mostly in the afternoons and evenings)

I thought I was lucky and wasn’t going to get morning sickness. In fact, on Monday my doctor told me that if I haven’t gotten it yet, then I probably wasn’t going to get it ever. But then I talked to my sister and she cursed me by saying “not so fast” and, boom, just like that I was nauseous Monday night. Maybe it’s psychosomatic, but I’ve been slightly nauseous ever since. I haven’t vomited but I constantly feel like I’m carsick. It is not a good feeling and I am looking forward to it going away. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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