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The BeBand by Ingrid and Isabel for Target

Call it bloat, call it a baby bump (if you want to be kind) but I can hardly button some of my pants. Last week, I had to unbuttoned my dress pants in the car when I left work. That was the last straw (for now, at least). Since I refuse to buy maternity pants at this point, I looked into the BellaBand by Ingrid and Isabel and was delighted to find out that the same company makes a cheaper version for Target called the BeBand for $16.99.

The BellaBand and the BeBand are stretchy fabric bands that can be worn over your unbuttoned and unzipped pants and skirts to hold them up and hide the unfastened closures at the beginning of your pregnancy. Later on, you can use them to hold up lose maternity clothes or support your belly. You also can wear them post pregnancy when your clothes aren’t fitting yet.

I went to Target and found the BeBand in the maternity section. I was in between sizes on the sizing chart so I went with the smaller size so i would have a tighter fit. When I brought the BeBand home and opened the package, I was a little doubtful. The band looks like Spanx without legs, just a little thinner. But I pulled it up over my unbuttoned pants and, sure enough, they held up the pants while creating a smooth fit under my shirt.

I wore them to work today over my pants and under my suit jacket, and they held up well all day. I didn’t have to adjust the band at all. I was happy I bought the smaller size because it held my pants in place nicely yet the fabric is still really stretchy and comfortable. I bought it in white because that was the only color left in my size but I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to get the black band soon.

I think the BeBand is something you can’t beat for the price. Not to mention all the cost savings you get from being able to extend your current wardrobe into your pregnancy. It will be interesting to see how it holds up throughout the pregnancy but I am really glad I discovered it now before my too tight pants cut off my blood supply.

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