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Keeping Our Sanity During Baby's First Year

Week 10: Little Prune

We officially have a baby prune! We are so proud.

This week, our baby is 1.2 inches and weighs .14 ounces. According to the books, the baby’s vital organs have formed and are beginning to function. He or she is also growing tiny nails on the fingers and toes and tiny buds for teeth.

As for me, I am pretty much in a holding pattern. I haven’t busted out of my clothes yet, but I’m still bloated. I’m also still queasy now and then, but I haven’t gotten any worse. The fact that my symptoms haven’t worsened and my clothes aren’t any tighter makes me anxious for next Monday’s doctor visit. I want to hear the heartbeat again. These first weeks are difficult because I haven’t had many obvious signs that things are progressing. What if my prune is really still just a blueberry?

I know I can’t think like that or I’ll drive myself crazy. Especially since I will only have one doctor’s appointment per month until I hit month 7. I’ve read that some women overcome their anxiety by using a fetal Doppler at home. I’ve considered buying one of these on EBay, but for now I’m going to hold off. I don’t want to get obsessed with checking the Doppler every five minutes, and I know I would be tempted to do so. I can just picture myself walking around my house doing chores with the Doppler strapped to me. Going to bed with the Doppler strapped to me. Driving to work with the Doppler strapped to me. You get the picture.

But never say never.

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