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Week 11: Lime Time

Bust out the (virgin) margaritas! We’ve got a lime this week. Our fetus (he/she is officially a fetus now!) is 1.6 inches and weighs .25 ounces. The lime’s organs have already developed (for the most part) and he/she will double in size this week! The ears are moving to the side of the head (weird) and the reproductive organs are becoming more distinct.

I am feeling more energetic and less nauseous, not that I was all that queasy to begin with. So, I’m feeling pretty lucky that I’ve had a really easy pregnancy so far.

Today we had our second doctor’s visit and it was a quick one. They took a urine sample, weighed me (I’ve gained 3 lbs but I think it is more vacation food than baby), took my blood pressure and then we listened to the heartbeat. Like I said before, I haven’t had many outward signs of being pregnant so I was beginning to doubt that there was really something growing in there. Hearing the heartbeat was such a relief and put our minds at ease. Our doctor said the chances of miscarriage are virtually non-existent at this point. I know flukes and accidents can happen, but we both feel so much better after today’s visit.

Next Tuesday we go in for the NT scan which tests for Down Syndrome and other chromisome diseases. The scan consists of a blood test and ultrasound which I am looking forward to having. It will be great to see how our lime is doing. Also, I’ve heard that sometimes they can tell the sex at these scans, but it is a lot easier to confirm a boy than a girl. My doctor won’t officially declare the sex until week 20, though. Either way, I am excited to get the “all clear” and finally be able to tell everyone about the lime!

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