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An Open Apology To My Yard

Dear Yard,

Let me start off by saying I’m sorry. I truly am. For too long, I’ve ignored you. Walked past the towering weeks in the middle of the front yard.

Shrugged off the 3 foot high poison ivy.

Said, “meh” to the joke of a flowerbed.


I did try at one point. You have to admit that. I signed us up for a TV show and they actually picked us! Remember that? Remember how great those times were for us?

But those days are over.

And now the wisteria is eating the back deck.

I have no excuses. Maybe I could blame my Mom for not passing along her green thumb to me. Or I could blame J.J. Abrams for creating too many darn good TV shows that took my attention away from you. Either way, you were never a priority to me.

But all that is about to change, I swear. Next week we are going to have landscapers come and clean you up! They will be able to do for you what I never could - make you look pretty. And we’ll finally be able to enjoy each other once again.

Love, Katherine

Update: the yard has been shaped up and it looks great! Picture to follow soon.


  1. Don’t pay a landscaper. Just get on that other TV show – Desparate Landscapes!