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Week 13: Georgia Peach

No, this picture isn’t an accidental re-post from 2 weeks ago, I actually took this today at 13 weeks. There certainly isn’t much change. In fact, I think I look bigger in the previous picture. oh well. I know I should be happy that I still fit into my clothes and that I’ll be huge soon enough, but I still can’t help but be a little anxious to see a real belly.

I am, however, very excited that I have finally started my second trimester! Woot. Technically, the second trimester doesn’t start until 13 weeks and 3 days (40/3=13.333) but most doctors count the second trimester as starting at 13 weeks and so I am too.

This week, our baby is the size of a 2.9 inch peach and weighs .81 ounces. Up until now, our baby’s head has been freakishly large (I think the book says “proportionally larger than the rest of the body”) but now her body is catching up and will be more proportional to the head.

Her motor skills are working (which we saw first hand in our NT scan) and she is able to flex her arms and legs but I won’t be able to feel this movement for another few weeks.

As for me, I’ve been feeling great but last night, I started to feel queasy and this morning I almost fainted. Not sure what was up with the queasiness, but I think I was lightheaded because I didn’t have breakfast this morning. I am discovering that I can’t go too long without eating. Which is perfectly fine by me.

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  1. Yeah, it was so weird seeing my future baby doing the robot in my wife’s belly. New nickname may be “Pop And Lock” Wilson.

  2. So excited for you guys! I will have a ton of maternity clothes returned to me in about a month if you need/want them. There’s everything in there from that little black dress (well not so little considering it’s maternity), to jeans, shirts etc – work and play stuff… Just let me know! CONGRATS again!