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Strollers: Part 1

Miranda and her Bugaboo

Before I got pregnant, I never spent more than two seconds thinking about strollers. I knew there were fancy celebrity buggies out there (I remember some hubbub about Miranda’s Bugaboo stroller on Sex and the City) but I just figured a stroller is a stroller, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

When I actually started digging into the world of strollers, I realized it is a vast, confusing land of prams, joggers, travel systems and so on. There are different strollers for different stages of your baby’s life (is your baby a newborn or toddler?) and your own lifestyle (are you going to the mall or hitting the trails for a run?) 

So, not knowing anything about this strange world, I started at the top with the Bugaboo line. I was immediately drawn to the Cameleon. I mean, this thing does everything but make you breakfast in bed. It is certainly appealing in that you can use it from birth through toddler age, in the city or on trails or even the beach, and it has an adjustible suspension system and handlebar. Also, it is reversible – the child can face you or out and you can use either the big wheels or small wheels as the front wheels depending on your needs. My immediate reaction was OMG, I have to have this. But then reality set in after I saw the price. $880 for a basic model. Ouch. Plus, according to my new bible, Baby Bargains, Bugaboo has very arrogant customer service and a history of quality issues, particularly on the Cameleon. No, thank you.

To start the official stroller hunt, my husband and I dared to venture into Babies R Us. We were totally overwhelmed by the stroller choices and many of the strollers looked or felt either heavy or cheap. Unfortunately, there was no one around to help us with  making sense of it all. So, we gave up and turned to our friends for their advice.

My coworker (who just had the cutest little baby girl last week!) recommended the BOB Revolution. She claimed that all her mommy

BOB Revolution SE

 friends use the BOB, specifically, the BOB Revolution SE. The great thing about the BOB Revolution is that it is an all-terrain stroller that can be used from baby to toddler with the help of a car seat adaptor. It is relatively light weight (23 lbs) and, at $390, it is relatively cheaper than most all-terrain strollers. Even though $390 is way better than Bugaboo’s $880 stroller, we still wanted to see if we could find a stroller for less money and slightly less weight. Plus, we aren’t sure if we really need an all-terrain stroller. Most of our walks are on pavement (albeit uneven pavement.)

Baby Jogger City Mini

Next we turned to our friends, Scott and Jill, who are world travelers and experts at traveling with a baby. They had their beautiful girl in October 2009 and haven’t slowed down since. With their baby in tow, they toured Portugal, New York, and lots of places in between. Their stroller of choice is Baby Jogger’s City Mini. The City Mini is amazingly light weight (17 lbs) and has the easiest fold on the market – seriously, you just pull a handle in the middle and it folds. Like the BOB, you can use a car seat adaptor for the fist six months and then the seat can recline into almost any position. It also has great features like a huge sun canopy, rounded handlebar, front wheel suspension and so on. Plus, it is $230 (much less than other “nice” strollers) and it is a top pick by Baby Bargains. Also, my sister (who has 3 kids of her own) told me that if she had to do it over again, she would have bought the City Mini.

The City Mini can withstand long outings and uneven pavement but is not made for trails or more rugged terrain. We think that this stroller will fit our lifestyle best, but we still need to try it out in person. We plan to go to our local baby specialty store, New Baby Products, any try out these strollers in person and get a crash course in “stroller 101″ from the helpful salespeople.  That is why this post is titled “Part 1″ – stay tuned for Part 2 in the next few weeks.

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  1. We have the Cameleon and love it – and actually in 3 years had one problem with it and the customer service was awesome! We also have the Citi Mini Double Jogger and love that as well, although we just bought that one, at New Baby Products actually, and they had a floor model single City Mini on sale, so if they still have it you can get a good deal on it!

  2. I can’t wait to hear what you think…these things are so expensive! I love my double BOB stroller, but I have to admit that it is HUGE and HEAVY. Don’t forget to try to find a baby to test drive those strollers with you!