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Make Room for Baby

Our house is only 1200 square feet so adding another person to the household is taking some serious rearranging of furniture, clothing and other odds and ends. We decided the best way to purge and declutter our house would be to have a yard sale. Being yard sale novices, we weren’t sure what to expect but I found a site which gave us some great tips and pointers, as well as some online resources for advertising our sale.

We planned our sale for a Saturday so on Thursday I posted online ads for our sale and on Friday we put up signs throughout the neighborhood for our sale. We had been gathering all of our sale items in the middle of our den and on Friday night we priced them. We woke up on Saturday morning at 6:30 to arrange everything in our driveway and our friends, Bobby and Cybil, also set up their own little store in our driveway.

My old bed which was taking up space in the future nursery

Bobby sets up his store while grabbing some McD's

Goodbye couch!

Rich displays our wares

Cybil takes a McD's break

The sale started at 8:00 and we were swamped with people until around 10:30. After that, we still had a steady stream of people until around 1:00. Cybil and Bobby packed it in then, but Rich and I were addicted to the sale. We stayed “open” until 4:00 and we also decided to do it again the next day. We were determined to get rid of everything.

On Sunday morning, our friend Larry brought over his stuff to sell and he also helped us rewrite our signs and post new ones.

Yard Sale: Day 2

 Like the previous day, our sale started at 8:00. But unlike Saturday, we were not swamped – ever. We thought maybe everyone was at church so we waited patiently but we only averaged about 2 people per hour for the whole day! I wouldn’t say it was a total waste but we certainly never made close to what we made on Saturday.

In the end, we made over $700 and cleared out the future nursery.

Well, almost.

The future nursery

So, we still have a little work to do inside the house, but at least we aren’t yard sale virgins anymore. Below are a few observations, for what its worth:

  • Maybe it depends on the area, but I don’t think posting online really drew any traffic to our sale. I had a few friends stop by as a result of my Facebook post, but that was it. Most of our traffic came from our neighborhood signs.
  • Speaking of signs, make sure that your signs are clearly marked with huge arrows that easily lead people to your house. We received lots of compliments on how easy our house was to find from our signs.
  • Saturday is definitely the day for yard sales. Don’t start your sale any later than 8:00. In fact, we probably could have started as early as 7 and had people at our house.
  • Be sure to have plenty of ones, fives and quarters on hand. Also have some tens and twenties if you are selling large items.
  • Small, easy to carry items are very popular and they add up.
  • Price items high at the beginning and negotiate down. You can always lower the prices throughout the day.
  • Be honest with yourself about what you are really going to get for certain items. We sold a $1200 couch for $50, but it was also 15 years old and wasn’t selling on Craigslist. By the end of the day, you may just be willing to give your stuff away just so you won’t have to haul it back into the house!


  1. Hi! Yes, we are trying to make as much room as possible and the yard sale was great. It was lot of work but also fun.