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Keeping Our Sanity During Baby's First Year

The Gap

Well, I am guilty of not keeping up with my bump pictures. I took a bump picture on week 14 but then we went to Mexico for our friends’ wedding (which was wonderful!) and I slacked off. But, I have a couple pictures from the trip which clearly show my bump so hopefully that will sufficiently fill in the gap.

Here is my belly at 14 weeks (which I think looks smaller than it did at 13 weeks. Does anyone else have a belly that comes and goes?)

Me at 14 weeks

 Here I am in Mexico with my friend Abby. You can clearly see my baby bump here. This is around 15 weeks.

At 15 weeks in Mexico

Here we are on the wedding day. Such a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful location.

Me and the hubby

Now, let’s fast forward to 17 weeks. You can tell I’m starting to bust out.

17 weeks pregnant and really starting to show!

I think from now on I am going to have my husband take my bump pictures. Not only will the pictures be better, but maybe he’ll be an added reminder to actually take them!

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