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The Perfect Work Pants

I went on a hunt today for the perfect black maternity trousers. I started the day in my regular pants unbuttoned and held up by my Be Band.

But my pants were tight, even with the zipper down. So I finally admitted to myself that I needed to get some maternity pants. I started by looking online and, I have to say, I didn’t find many great maternity sites. I mainly saw the usual: Gap, Old Navy, Motherhood, Loft, A Pea in the Pod. I looked for local stores and, unfortunately, Loft and Old Navy don’t have maternity sections locally so I decided to check out Gap, Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod (there are several boutique maternity stores and consignment shops here in Atlanta but since I was low on time, I didn’t bother with those today. I’ll check them out later when I have more time.)

Conveniently, Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod (“APITP”) are owned by the same company and you can find them together in most Macy’s stores. I went to Macy’s first and saw some Motherhood black pants but they didn’t have my size. That is the problem with these niche locations, the selection is limited. Luckily, there are many stand-alone Motherhood and APITP stores and there are also Destination Maternity stores which have both brands.

I walked into Destination Maternity and saw that they have their high-end brand, APITP , displayed up front. APITP certainly has cute clothes but it is a little pricey – their basic black pants start around $80. I went to the back of the store where the Motherhood clothes were and you can tell a hug difference in style and fabric quality. While APITP had super soft cotton shirts and silky pants, Motherhood has the polyester/rayon blends you find in most juniors departments. Nevertheless, the Motherhood black pants were around $30 - a huge difference.  But, again, they didn’t have my size. Plus, the APITP pants were clearly better so I went ahead and tried those on.

As a side comment, look at how big my belly has gotten after just one week!

Just kidding! It is a fake belly! They have a strap on belly in all the dressing rooms so you can see how the clothes will fit at 7 or 8 months. I thought this was pretty neat. I spent a few minutes checking myself out with a belly and it was pretty surreal.

Finally, I got back to the task at hand and studied myself in the pants. I noticed there was a huge gathering of extra fabric on the backside. I don’t know if APITP assumes I’ll have a big butt by the time I reach 7 months but I can say that I don’t think I’ll be filling it anytime soon. I’m just not built that way.

I couldn’t get a smaller size since the pants were pretty tight in the thighs so I gave up. They did not have a great selection of work pants (which was surprising) so there wasn’t anything else to try on at the store. 

I next went to Gap Maternity which is really just a small section inside of Baby Gap. Still, they had several black pants to choose from starting at $60. I tried on the perfect trouser pants and they were just as their name said. They fit perfectly and the demi panel was so comfortable.   

And they fit my booty!

I am so happy I found a winning pair. I will be wearing these almost every day to work so I don’t mind spending the $60 and I am so excited I won’t have to worry about zippers or buttons anymore. If anything, I’m afraid I might get too used to the comfort of elastic waistbands and never go back. Ha! As my friend says, no wonder kids and old people are so happy!

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  1. Awe, baby…glad you made room for our baby.