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Keeping Our Sanity During Baby's First Year

Week 20: Halfway There!

It is week 20 and we’ve made it to the halfway point. I can’t believe it has already been five months! This week, our baby is 6.5 inches and weighs 10.6 ounces. The baby’s skin is becoming covered with a waxy-like substance called vernix which will protect her skin from becoming scratched or chapped. The baby will also begin to produce meconium (her first poop!) which will accumulate in her bowels and eventually pass during delivery (yuck) or in her first diaper.

Right now, my uterus is almost even with my belly button and I’ve gained about 8 pounds. I’m still not obviously pregnant but people are starting to comment when I wear certain clothes that show off the bump.


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  1. So much fun seeing you guys this weekend! I think anyone who knows you can TOTALLY tell you are pregnant. You were also glowing! Had fun looking at baby gear – Can’t wait to meet that little lady!