Suddenly Parents

Keeping Our Sanity During Baby's First Year

Drum Roll Please!

We went for our 20 week ultrasound scan and we received great news all around. Our doctor said the baby looked healthy and is growing at a perfectly average pace. The heart has four chambers, the kidneys are good and the baby doesn’t have a harelip (amazing they can check for that…)

Oh, and the baby is a girl!

Meet Eliza Grace! When we saw her on the ultrasound, she was kicking, punching and sucking her thumb! We could see her little throat and mouth move with her thumb. So amazing. We still have much to do to prepare for her arrival, but we can’t wait to meet her!

Eliza sucking her thumb!

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  1. I think it looks like she is saying “I’m number 1!” or “Wait a sec, I’ll be right there…” Either way, I’m so in love with her attitude!