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Keeping Our Sanity During Baby's First Year

Design Time

Now that we know we are having a little girl, it is finally time to start on the nursery. I spent the day cleaning out her room and my husband is going to paint it this weekend. I’ve found my color inspirations from this rug which I just bought on Overstock:

We are going for a modern woods theme. I’m not sure if that is possible but we’ll see. I think we will paint the walls a nice green color (slightly brighter than the green in this rug) with yellow and orange accents in pillows, bedding, etc. We’ve picked out white baby furniture from Ikea which will help with the “modern” look and I am thinking we’ll keep the curtains and bedding simple with a modern pattern. I found some cute forest themed wall decals and other details. It is coming together in my head but I won’t really know until I see the rug, pick out the colors, etc., but I am looking forward to seeing it all come together in real life.

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