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Ikea Cribs Recalled!

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Ikea to get our Gulliver crib and dresser (as per my mood board plan). We looked around and around and couldn’t find the cribs anywhere. We finally asked the saleslady and she told us that all Ikea cribs throughout the USA had been recalled and sentback to the manufacturer to be tested again. She went a step further and told us that all cribs from all stores had been recalled and that no one (Target, Babies R Us, Pottery Barn Kids) would be able to sell their cribs until they return from testing sometime around October or November. She told us that, as of Sunday, Target only had one crib left in the city and people were resorting to buying bassinets or pack and plays until the cribs come back later this year.

Needless to say, we were a little freaked out but we had our doubts. We left Ikea and looked online for any news reports regarding crib recalls. We figured that we would have heard of something so big as every single crib in the country being recalled. We couldn’t find anything. Then, I checked the community boards on the and saw that someone in another city went to Ikea and they told her that their cribs had been recalled but there was no mention of recalls on any other brands. Apparently, Ikea cribs were recalled back in February due to mattress support collapse. I am not sure if this recall is related to that or not. See CPSC notice here.

So, we were relieved by the news that we could still buy a crib but were bummed that we wouldn’t be able to get the Gulliver crib which is so perfectly modern at only $99.99.  Plus, it is made of solid wood which is way better than the composite wood most cheaper cribs are made of (which includes lots of chemicals like formaldehyde.)

So, I went back to my Baby Bargains book and searched the next recommended crib options. The next cheapest solid wood cribs are from the Graco line – the Sarah or the Lauren. We chose the Lauren as it is a little more modern looking.

The Lauren crib is $149 and can be found online at Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc. I would have bought it from Amazon for the free shipping but they didn’t have the white ones in stock so we decided to order from Walmart for $10 shipping.

Although the Lauren crib isn’t as modern as the Gulliver, I think it will look very nice in the nursery. Plus, it seems like the Lauren has strong reviews and may be a more well made crib for just $50 more. I already have the mattress on order too (another Baby Bargains recommendation) so I can’t wait to put it all together!

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