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Dreams of Dragonflies

This weekend was our third weekend in a row of nursery projects and we are close to the finish line. One of our major dilemmas has been what to do for wall decorations. I originally wanted to do a forest wall decal but our walls are textured and the decal manufacturer told me that there was no way the decals would stick to our walls. We were already worried about that, not to mention the decals would be bumpy. We also thought of painting a mural but, besides being a lot of work, we weren’t sure we could paint anything cute given the bumps.

I was at a loss until I saw this and noticed the cute flowers on the wall.  They are made by Umbra and you buy flowers of all colors, dragonflies, etc. on Amazon. Your can either stick them to your walls or nail them in with tacks. This seemed like the perfect solution so we decided to go with the Umbra Wallflutter dragonflies.  We ordered them in white with the thought that we would spray paint a couple of them orange for an added pop. And the best part? The walflutters are only $19.99 for a set of 20. The wall decal we originally wanted was $139. Cha-ching!

The dragonfly set comes with two alternatives for mounting them to your wall. You can snap on a sticker back:

Dragonfly with the sticky back snapped on

Or you can snap on a tack:

Dragonfly with the tack snapped on

This was very helpful because even though we planned to attach our dragonflies with the tacks, we were able to play with the placement of the dragonflies using the sticker backs.

Meanwhile, we selected three dragonflies to spraypaint orange:

After the painted dragonflies were dry and we were sure of the placement on the walls, I started nailing in the tacks:

Just nail in the tack

And snap on the wallflutter!


It was so easy and only took a few minutes. Here is the completed project:

Overall, we were very pleased with the outcome. The dragonfly wallflutters are very unique and the bright orange coordinates with some of our other room elements and gives the wall a fun punch of color. I don’t think my iphone does the wallflutters justice, they look really cool in person so we’ll have to take more pictures once we get a better camera (it’s on the list.) We especially love them fluttering around our new shelving and Skip Hop owl bookends, a present from our friends Leigh and Erik.

Like I said, attaching the wallflutters was super quick and easy. My only recommendations are to be sure to plan out the placement of them before you nail in the tacks and also try not to make their flight pattern too uniform. We found they look better when they are flying more randomly than all angling the same way.

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  1. Love it! So original and super cute.

  2. adorable katherine! the owls look great too! we are counting down until eliza gets here. all our love! l, e, & b