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Deck Progress

Last week, Rich wrote a guest post on the construction of our new deck. Looks like his fears that our contractor was too good to be true for the price he quoted us were well founded – we had to fire him. There were tons of issues with the deck (everything was uneven, built to the wrong specs, and he wasted about $500 of wood) but Rich caught the issues pretty early and decided to tell the guy not to come back.

Luckily, our neighbor is a professional contractor and so Rich went across the street and begged him to help us. Although this guy is double the price, he and his partner have done an amazing job correcting the issues and coming up with creative solutions to build us a beautiful new deck. They should be done with it tomorrow, but here are some progress pictures in the meantime.

And here are some bonus pics of Fozzy and Nessie, just for fun.

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