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Pig Roast Baby Shower

We have the most amazing friends in the world and they threw us the coolest shower ever.

Rich and his friends have hosted pig roast parties since college and Rich has been dying to have one at our house for a long time. So, we decided to combine the pig roast with our baby shower and the result was the most un-baby-shower-shower (which is what we wanted).

Rich and his friends manned the pig throughout the day while the girls took charge of the decorations and other logistics. A few of my good friends drove in from out of town which made everything even more special for us.

Below are some pictures taken during the roasting/party prep time. There are many more pictures to come of the actual party so stay tuned!

Cybil, Cheryl and Michelle hanging lanterns

Michelle helping with the lights

The party favors: pig-shaped cookie cutters

Abigail and Kyle

The guys watching the Georgia game while roasting


Cybil: the master pig roast planner

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