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Emerged From My Cocoon – With a Baby!

Sooo… has been a while since I’ve posted (what’s new?) but I have a real excuse this time – on 10/27/11 Eliza Grace was born!

I am going to try to get back into posting and I’m starting off with my birth story. I ended up having to have a c-section which was completely unexpected. I was disappointed at first when I found out I would most likely have to have a c-section but in the end, I realized that whatever is best for the baby is best for me and you have to go with the flow no matter what. I was scared to have one since I have had previous abdominal surgery (which was not pleasant) but I can now say that I had absolutely nothing to be afraid of whatsoever.

Eliza wasn’t due until 11/13 but on 10/24 we discovered she was breech (her head was under my left rib and her feet were curled around so she was in a “C” position). The doctor did an ultrasound to see if she could perform an external version to flip the baby into position but the ultrasound revealed that I was low on amniotic fluid so there was not enough room for the baby to move. The low fluid also put Eliza in danger of squeezing her cord and putting her in distress. My doctor put me on bed rest and told me to come back on 10/27 for another ultrasound so we could decide if I would have a c-section on 11/7 or 10/31. But when I went back on 10/27 (a Thursday), the fluid was still low and this time, Eliza wasn’t moving as much as she had been during my last visit. So my doctor told me to walk on over to Labor & Deliver and call my husband – we were going to have this baby that day!

Needless to say, I was a little freaked out. I walked up to the nurses’ station and said “hi, I am here to have a baby,” and they told me I looked freaked out so I guess I am not good at hiding my emotions. I called Rich and he met me in the hospital room (he was also a little freaked) but even though everything felt a bit surreal, we were both super excited that the day was finally here and we would be meeting our daughter so soon.

The nurses had me change into a gown and they started an IV around 11:00 am. The c-section wasn’t scheduled until 4:00 pm since I ate a banana that morning and they prefer you not have any food or liquid before surgery. Rich and I spent the time shooting videos and calling friends and family.

Me, waiting for the c-section

Finally at 3:45 they took me back to the OR. Rich waited until they called him in. The anesthesiologist inserted the epidural and I was so nervous that I was shaking but it was nothing. The worst part is the numbing shot they give you which feels like a bee sting but not a bad one. It was so easy. They also gave a spinal block with the epidural which started working almost immediately. They had me lie back on the table and I was worried because they immediately went to insert the bladder catheter and I was like “wait! I’m not numb!” but apparently I was because I had no idea they had already done it. Next they swiped iodine on me and I could feel the touch but not really. I could feel movement but no pain. They also did a cold spray test on me. They sprayed a cold mist on my shoulders which I could feel and then worked their way down until I couldn’t feel the cold anymore (right below my ribs). Then they put up the screen and the doctor pinched me hard around my abdomen. I wouldn’t have know it, but the anesthesiologist told me “you are good to go. The doctor just pinched the hell out of you and you didn’t feel it.”

The doctor then started cutting me open and in the meantime, a nurse went and got Rich. I was a little surprised that the doctor started the surgery without Rich but everything was happening so fast I didn’t react. I guess the most important part was that he was there for the big show. Rich came in and sat beside me and held my hand (which was strapped down). I could not feel any pain but I could feel major tugging and pulling. It is weird to describe. It did not hurt at all but the sensation of having your organs pulled on is very surreal. After about 7 minutes, the doctor told us Eliza’s butt was out and she was indeed a girl. Rich looked over the curtain to see them pull her all the way out.

They showed her to me briefly and she was totally blue and alien looking. They immediately took her off to the side to get her breathing and Rich went over to watch. They explained that since c-section babies don’t go through the birth canal, their lungs don’t get squeezed and so they are still filled with fluid. It it very important to get the fluid out and get the baby breathing and it always takes c-section babies a little longer. That was good to know because I didn’t hear her cry until they had worked on her for a few minutes on the table. Then they bundled her up and I was able to see her again and take a picture with her.

In the OR welcoming Eliza!

They started sewing me up and took Eliza to the recovery room. Rich was able to go with her and watch the nurses clean her, do tests, etc. I spent another 20 min or so getting stitched back together. It is a little anticlimactic to have to wait in the OR while your husband and baby are in another room but the staff was so nice to me and joking and talking to me that I didn’t mind too much.

I was then rolled to the recovery room where Eliza and I were monitored. They made sure I was stable (I was having low blood pressure issues) and after about 15 minutes they brought her to me so I could try to feed her. She latched on perfectly the first time. I was really worried about if the c-section would disrupt feeding but we didn’t have any issues, After about an hour, they moved us to our “mommy and me” room which is where we stayed until we were discharged. 

Eliza Grace - born 4:15 pm on 10/27/11, 7 lbs 1 ounce, 19.5 inches

After about 2 days post c-section, I felt great. However, the day after my c-section we tried 4 times to get me out of bed before I was actually able to get up and go to the bathroom without help. I actually passed out when I stood up and tried to walk the first time due to low blood pressure and the narcotics. They said dizziness and fainting are common after a c-section. But I was determined to push myself to get up because I knew I would be better off for it. Eventually, I was able to walk with minimal pain and without dizziness.

Now we are 3 weeks post c-section and I took Eliza and Fozzy on a long walk yesterday with no problems. I can’t wait to go to the doctor in a couple weeks and get the go-ahead to start working out. I’ve lost about 19 lbs but I have 11 to go and I’m anxious to get rid of them.

So that is my birth story. Stay tuned for more posts on how things have been since we’ve come home with Eliza. It has already been an amazing experience and I look forward to sharing more.

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