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Saying Goodbye To The Magic

I have touted the magic of the five s’s but we haven’t had to use them for a while now – except for the swaddle. We use it for naps and nighttime and Eliza usually calms right down and goes to sleep after a couple minutes.

But it is time to lose the crutch. Eliza starts daycare in a couple weeks and they don’t swaddle the babies as per a state mandated SIDs program. So, tonight we are ditching the swaddle and next week we will take it away for naps. I was told by a nurse that it is easier to take the swaddle away for nighttime first, then daytime naps.

I put her down at 8:30 in a onesie and a Halo sleep sack and she seemed confused to have her arms free. It is 8:50 and she is still wide awake and squirming around.

I really hope tonight won’t be a long night but I’ve been warned that the first night is the hardest so I am prepared. I’ll report on how the transition goes in a couple days.

P.S. Here are some cute pictures from our walk yesterday with our good friends Cheryl and baby Stella.






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